Six Unique Hotels Worldwide

A collection of Unique Hotels around the world

Hotels are an integral part of any holiday, I firmly believe they should encompass the uniqueness that each country brings to the table and not just be yet another arm of a uniform brand. When choosing the hotels I stay in ( If I haven’t booked a Villa) this is exactly what I’m looking for; Local, Interesting, Quirky, Stylish and Luxurious.

This is solely the reason why I take so long to find the “right” hotel, I sort of want aesthetically pleasing and curious all at once. Something that sets this place apart from another and makes it a Unique Hotel with life’s luxuries!

Boutique Hotels normally fulfil this criteria, though there are some of the bigger well known brands who do go out of their way to ensure that difference is on show for all to see.

On my travels, I’ve encountered a few hotels who celebrate their uniqueness in the best possible way, with its very own character, inevitably making stays much more enjoyable

Indigo Pearl, Phuket, Thailand

This 5 star hotel with is dark and sensual tones lends a very subtle nod to this regions tin mining history. Set in a luxurious setting, their tag line is Raw Beauty, Bold Designs, Luxury Unhindered, An experience as rare as an Indigo pearl. This beautifully sums up this stunning resort in Nai Yang Beach.

2014-06-11 10.35.03

Read More here about my stay at Indigo Pearl

2014-06-10 17.22.14

Malmaison Hotels, UK

2015-08-19 16.59.07

This brand of hotels inhabit old buildings that once were something else, think Hospital, think Royal Mail sorting office, think Prison! Well you wouldn’t but visit Malmaison Oxford for an out of this world experience of just that.

The brand is a small cluster of hotels, which use sumptuous luxurious romantic colours and furnishings in all of their establishments. Their quirkiness gives a sense of fun at every stage of your stay.

Read more about why you need to stay at Malmaison.

They also have a summer deal for bookings before Aug 31st! Room, Cocktail & Breakfast. More Info here

W Hotels, Worldwide

Each branch of this hotel almost outdoes itself in the style stakes. Although I’ve only stayed in a couple, here are some images of some of my favourite elements around the world.

W Hotel, Singapore. Courtesy of Starwood Hotels Website

These hotels are part of the Starwood Group. Read about my stay here at the W Atlanta

2016-03-19 13.01.03

Hard Rock Hotels, Worldwide

Each branch but with a very blatant nod to it’s cemented history in the music hall of fame. You can’t visit one of their hotels without experiencing their blatant passion for music. My last stay I was offered the hire of a guitar and a amp, in the event I wanted to practice my very bad ( I’m sure) electric guitar playing.

Read more about my last stay at Hard Rock Hotel – San Diego here.


Sanderson Hotel, London

An establishment with a clientele roster of an A-List who’s who, when you see the décor you can easily see why.

2015-05-21 18.12.28

If you can’t quite stay at the Sanderson, at least try their Mad Hatters Afternoon Tea and have a drink at the Long Bar.

2015-05-21 15.15.55

Read about my last visit to the Sanderson for Afternoon Tea here

Wanderlust, Singapore

A hotel which is on my bucket list, this list will definitely speak to those of my friends who are designers and stylists with the incorporation to pantone colours. I do wonder what it would be like to spend a night in an all yellow room. Does it have an affect on your happiness or do you have to get out to frustratingly experience another colour canvas….

Wanderlust Hotel, Singapore. Courtesy of

And as for the rocket room….

Wanderlust Hotel, Singapore. Image courtesy of Design

I stumbled upon this video of some other interesting places and thought I’d share, as there’s more amazing places to add to the list worldwide!

What’s the most unique hotel you’ve stayed in? What made it special? Let us know in the comments below.

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