The five stages of going on Holiday


The Five Stages of Going on Holiday

Every time I book a holiday and travel, I go through the same darn emotions every time! They aren’t always enjoyable, may I add, but sadly unavoidable. Here are my five stages! 

Stage One: I wanna go on holiday…. I’m going to research for ages, look at travel sites, read awful trip advisor reviews which steer me away from places that look okay but are BAD, and then find things to do, check weather ( is it warmer than England? Check!), Decision made.

Stage Two: Yessss I’m going on Holiday! my annual leave is booked!  I’ve paid up! Almost a sense of achievement, You read over all your documents in case you’ve made a mistake three times. You then sort of sit back don’t you? Proud of yourself.

Stage Three:  Shiteeee…I’m going on holiday next week, What do I pack stage! You aimlessly look on Google & Instagram at pictures of people in a region to get an idea ( No? Just me then). You then sit and open your case, pull out all your summer wear and just look from the pile to the empty suitcase and back again repeatedly ,until you’ve tired yourself out and end up doing something else.

Stage Four: I’m on Holiday!  Yassss! You check-in and immediately relax ( Where’s the wi – fi code though?!) You post those photos of the beach or a palm tree or a sunset or the legs by the swimming pool…  ( You know the ones…)

Stage Five, The Final Stage:  I’m home – Your sort of happy to be home, but then there’s the suitcase to unpack, so you look at it, sometimes for a week, sometimes for months, until you realise you DO need to empty it, normally in time to pack for the next holiday. You return to work and then, it sets in… the Holiday Blues – where you hate life, but everything was okay a week ago, on that beach with that cocktail. So what do you do? .. Start looking for your next holiday of course….Repeat Steps One to Five and there you have it folks… #LTsCircleofHoliday – filled with highs, lows and emotions.

Have you experienced LT’s full circle of holiday? What stage do you identify most with or is there one you just want to erase from memory? Comment Below and Let me know.

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